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"Struggle For Existence" will be screening in October as part of the Hawai'i International Film Festival - specifically, on Saturday, October 16, at 12:00pm and Wednesday, October 20, at 3:15pm at Dole Cannery B for both shows.

Laurie Sumiye's "Struggle For Existence" won the award for best documentary at CUNY film festival in New York earlier this year and I am glad to have been part of this production. In January of this year, I actually got to be in the field near the summit of Mauna Kea, HI, for some filming and field-sound-recording for this documentary about the endangered Hawaiian bird, the Palila. The film questions how life is valued and preserved by man as a species nears extinction, through looking at past and present conservation efforts. I finished composing and recording the score for the film in mid May.

Tickets for the Hawai'i International Film Festival will go on sale on October 4th.




Album for preview on Myspace. BOUNCING BULLETS , aka. production team of Einhard Luther and Hans Fahling, have released their second album for online review/listening.

While the theme for our first album,"Cinematic Works", was heavily grounded in the idea of combining cinematically inspired orchestral arrangements with sound design, "Mutanten" highlights modern beats & percussion with virulent themes in vintage pop/funk instrumentation as well as spacey synthetic mayhem - to get an idea of where the title stems from, ‘Mutanten’ being German for mutants. Moby-meets-Philip-Glass could be a fitting description of the album's influences, throwing in some U2, Dee-Lite, Brian Eno, Dust Brothers, Thievery Corporation, and even Nine Inch Nails.

Check out our myspace location to listen to the whole album. Give feedback...


Album release - Free download until October 31. Today, BOUNCING BULLETS, aka. producer team Einhard Luther & Hans Fahling, are releasing their first album of cinematically inspired compositions, called "BOUNCING BULLETS: Cinematic Works" (©2009 by FahlingMusic, get it for free! *).

"BOUNCING BULLETS: Cinematic Works" was compiled from a constantly growing library of BULLETS compositions. With imagery as the main goal, all of these tracks reflect our visions of their placement in cinematic productions and certain scenes therein. While some pieces rely heavily on sound design elements and some on modern percussion/beat arrangement, others emphasize purely orchestral approaches to achieving specific effects, emotional responses and amplification of specific visual content. The gamut seems to run from Debussy to the Dust Brothers but definitely has that certain unifying theme: Cinematic Works.

To read the press release, please click here)


Music for suspense & action as well as a Hawaiian slack key piece. Check out "TWENTY-FIVE ACTION II", "SPACIOUS PERCUSSION PART II" and "WAIAKEA SLACK-KEY" and read their descriptions in my blog or in the Fahling Music's library vaults.


A bunch of pieces are in the works, and have been for a while due to some redirected priorities of the last six months. However, I finally got back to the usual by, first of all, finishing a mix of an instrumental piece by Einhard Luther. It was fun to start with laying some guitar tracks to this relaxed-funky "RHODOS".

Started as a guitar study, "MARCH ETUDE" brims with counter melodies in its orchestration. The awesome piano part, played by Einhard Luther, effectively turned this guitar etude into an engaging duet which gets an even greater kick in the back-side from the orchestra.

"ODE TO IBRAHIM" was inspired by a jazz legend's sound and style of playing; Abdullah Ibrahim commands an aura of determination in everything he plays. Orchestration is usually centered around the piano as is true for this tribute piece: A piano riff changes meaning by how the accompanying orchestration evolves and changes making this work a memorable, up-beat arrangement.

Check out all of Fahling Music's library vaults.


New music in Experimental, Orchestral and Pop Music Vaults.
"Baustelle" is German for 'construction site' and hints at some foley sounds... this way!
"Justice Over Unity" and "Jack & Jimi" can be found in the Pop Music Vault.
"Guitar Undulations" is to be found in the Orchestral Vault: Classical guitar improvisation over a lush, orchestral arrangement opens up mind and soul to aural possibilities... this way!

Newest additions to the music library in the Pop & Jazz Vaults ("Round N Round" & "Sculpted Pearls") and in the Orchestral Vault ("Vertoont"). Check them out in their respective licensing vaults and read about the new pieces in my newest blog.


Work finished for a new mtvU advertising campaign, sponsored by FORD motors. Check out this ultra short commercial/ID which runs on MTV's college station, called MTVu.
Broadcasting to 750 campuses and over 7.5 million college students nationwide, mtvU can be seen in the dining halls, fitness centers, student lounges and dorms on campuses throughout the country.
It is the first MTV Networks channel distributed in its entirety via broadband, streaming 24/7 and on demand right here on, featuring all of mtvU's television content plus exclusive new music, original shows and student-produced programming for students and music fans everywhere.
I collaborated with visual designer, Douglas Filiak, on this commercial/ID and enjoyed having to be on point in a Southern-Rock vein.
Acoustic guitar album added to FAHLING MUSIC LICENSING LIBRARY! read the news-blog here! or check out samples of "HILO BRAZIL", "BAY BLUES". Got to the LICENSING LIBRARY for all 9 song here! Click on the new ACOUSTIC VAULT.
Four new pieces added to licensing vault: Einhard Luther and I haven't even exhausted the possibilities of Minimalism coupled with state-of-the-art beats.... read the news-Blog here! Or go straight to the online vaults to browse. You can also click directly on the following titles to hear 30 second samples:"FOLIA", "GUITARRA II","NORDBEATS", "WARPED WASPS".
Jazzworkshops im Birdland from March 30th - April 1st. Contact Beate Kynast for more info and registration.
Commercial for SAMSUNG MOBILE NEW YEARS campaign will air tonight and tomorrow for 24 hours on YOUTUBE.COM's opening page. My music is featured with the animation by visual designer Douglas Filiak. Samsung is calling for videographers to submit work for their video competition. Check it out!
New "Tylenol Morning Cold" commercial has been airing on the networks in the USA: I wrote a piece of music in collaboration with the production company EXPANSIONTEAM (New York) for the spot which ended up being the lucky, chosen music entry. The music consists of a guitar duett that underscores the situational humor of that commercial clip. So, turn on that tellie and enjoy.
"ESCAPING BIRD", featuring an electronic DJ and minimalist approach, accompanies the heavy-on-the-sound-design compositions "PIANO RAIN" and "VILLAGE GHOSTS" as new entries to the EXPERIMENTAL VAULT. Some of those are also to be found in the ORCHESTRAL VAULT - along with "ROMAN TRAGEDY" which uses percussion, strings and brass to envelope an infectious theme in a bombastic, symphonic setting. Go to the following link for a test drive: (check them out here)!
The film "Unsere Grenzen" by director Thomas Adamicka will be featured, as part of their competition, at the German international film festival 'Short Cuts Cologne' on November 25 through December 2. I wrote and produced the music together with Swiss singer Nathalie Claude in fall/winter of last year, when it was being finished for German television.
FAHLING MUSIC PUBLISHING officially launched... (check out the company page here) it includes vaults of music offered for licensing which is also licensable through LUKANKY MUSIC PUBLISHING ( for the European markets.
Moemoea single "Guajira" to be released soon... we are in the mixing/mastering studio right now and will keep you updated on the release date. Stay tuned on myspace here:


The German TV-channel ZDF hired me to write the music for a new documentary which will be shown on that station on August 23rd (22:15 hours) under the title "Hawaii - Inseln unterm Regenbogen". The music will, of course, reflect the sound of that beautiful place. Check me out on Ukulele, slack-key guitar, some typical Hawaiian percussion as well as some orchestral passages!
Watch this show online for free!
Dietrich Koch has released his Big Band CD "Dietrich Koch Big Band - BERLIN COOKBOOK"; I am proud to have been part of this project - on guitar.
The CD is published by Thilo Berg's label MONS Records ( and will be available in stores from September on. Among his catalogue you can also find names like Peter Herbolzheimer, Peter Weniger, Jeff Hamilton and many more. Right now you can buy it online at the MONS website or directly from the artist now for the price of 16 EUROs plus shipping.
My work on trailers for a new German language cable channel is up for viewing and listening on TV in the US as well as the following website... I had a blast with these orchestral segments and really enjoyed working with live strings:
German Kino Plus was launched only a few days ago and I would appreciate it, if you could spread the news, especially, to anyone in your circle of friends who might be interested in German language films and TV-shows - sorta like HBO but all in German.
The second quartet album "Hamburg - Port Of Call" is now available on iTunes for a special price of $7.99: Origin Records & iTunes
My new edition of "Bebop Improv Concepts - guitar edition" is finished and available for purchase and download as an ebook. Owners of the original version of the book can purchase this extra edition for only $5 dollars, otherwise $20 dollars.

It comes with tabulature and various guitar diagrams and is directed in its didactic layout specifically to the guitar.
This way...

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